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05th Jan 2022

Elderly motorist banned after driving 10mph on a 60mph road

Steve Hopkins

The man was driving at night and police had concerns about his eyesight

A pensioner has been banned from driving after police spotted him driving his car at 10mph (16kmh) on Christmas Day on a road with a 60mph limit.

Officers found the man, said to be in his eighties, on the A346 between Marlborough and Swindon, after being called by concerned motorists.

Police said the incident, at 8.30pm, raised concerns about the man’s eyesight.

The man’s Ford was returned to his home by officers and he underwent an eye test the following day.

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PC Sean Williams told ITV News it was a “concern” that the man was behind the wheel, and thanked those who had alerted police so “this didn’t end in something far more serious”.

“We stress that you must not get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you are not fit to do so, and this includes meeting the DVLA’s standards of vision for driving,” Williams said.

“We advise anyone with concerns to take regular eye tests to ensure they are able to read a number plate from 20 metres and also urge family members to ensure relatives are fit to drive.”