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27th Nov 2021

Shocking CCTV shows moment rival gangs engage in fierce gun fight in broad daylight

Steve Hopkins

Naasir Francis was shot 13 times during the exchange and died shortly after arriving at hospital

Shocking CCTV footage has captured the moment two rival gangs engaged in a fierce gunfight in broad daylight that left one young man dead.

Naasir Francis was shot 13 times following a clash between rival groups in Lozells, Birmingham. The 22-year-old was rushed to hospital with gunshot wounds to the stomach following the incident on August 26 last year, but was pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

Francis was gunned down after being chased by Teeko Le, 17, and 22-year-old Darnell Donovan-Harris.

West Midlands Police released footage of the gun battle on Friday as Le and Donovan-Harris were jailed for their part in the killing.

Le, now 18, was jailed for a minimum of 20 years after he was found guilty of murder, attempted murder, and possession of an offensive weapon.

Donovan-Harris, now 23, was found guilty of manslaughter and jailed for 18 years following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

Rival gang member Lawrence Morgan, 25, pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm and was sentenced to five years.

The court heard Le and Donovan-Harris were standing outside shops in Lozells Road when Morgan and Naasir pulled up in a white Lexus.

As Morgan and Naasir got out of the car they spotted the pair and fled, jumping into a passing car of an associate.

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They then drove to an address where they collected a gun and within minutes returned to Lozells Road.

Footage shows Morgan firing at the group from a bicycle and Le shooting back.

Morgan then jumped back on his bike while Naasir got into the Lexus.

Le and Donovan-Harris chased Morgan before they spotted Naasir sitting in the driver’s side of the car and started to punch him.

Le then opened fire, shooting Naasir.

The pair fled, leaving Naasir with fatal injuries.

Speaking after they were jailed, Detective Chief Inspector Jim Munro said: “Sadly this is the tragic reality of what carrying a gun can lead to.

“Teeko Le and Morgan chose to carry a gun and open fire in broad daylight knowing any one of them could be instantly killed. “And sadly that’s what happened to Naasir.

“Naasir’s death is such a waste of life, not only Naasir’s life but also a young man and a teenager who will spend a long time in prison. “My thoughts remain with Naasir’s family at this difficult time.”