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09th Apr 2020

Showing WWE to someone for the very first time


“What?! He’s dead?”

For fans, World Wrestling Entertainment (or World Wrestling Federation for us older viewers) was a staple of our youth. Getting up in the morning to watch it, or staying up ludicrously late on the off-chance you convinced your parents into paying for a PPV event.

Watching the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Triple H tear lumps out of each other was a sight to behold, and many of us would bring that love into the WWE video games, where we’d assume control of those stars and bash their heads in.

But what is WWE like for someone who didn’t watch it growing up? The pantomime nature of the ‘squared circle’ is second nature for those in the know, but if you haven’t grown accustomed to it, is it strange to witness?

We got Alex, a devoted WWE fan who still owns and plays with all of his figurines (he insists they are not toys) to show WWE to Aurore, a person to whom the very idea of sports entertainment is foreign.

What will she think? Will she like it? Or will she consider it weird, silly and worst of all, fake?