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30th Apr 2021

People named ‘Colin’ and ‘Tracey’ found to be the biggest complainers in the UK

Claudia McInerney

‘Karen’ no longer has the reputation for being the biggest complainer in the country

Over the past year and a half, a social review platform called Psydro has found out the names of people who have left the most negative reviews in the country, as well as working out where they live.

On their website, Psydro said that Karens were previously dubbed the biggest complainers and often the butt of a joke via memes across the world.

The platform was not convinced that the name Karen deserved all of the slack it received, so did some research into the names of the biggest complainers in the UK.

According to the platform’s results, ‘Colin’ took the top spot for the most likely male name to leave a negative review, whilst ‘Tracy’ was found to be the most likely female name.

The name Tracy was closely followed by Sue, Vicky, Wendy and Caroline, who are most likely to leave one or two star reviews on online platforms.

Following on from Colin, who took the top spot for the most likely complainer, other names included Greg, John, Ian and Martin.

The platform also discovered that the majority of people who left one or two star reviews lived in Nottingham, which is now the hometown to the most complainers in the UK.

In second place, despite not being a gleaming achievement, came South Yorkshire.

However, Psydro found that people who left the most positive reviews online came from Dorset in southwest England.

The founder of Psydro, Tony Ward, said: “We might be being a little bit tongue-in-cheek here but at Psydro, we’re committed to ensuring that the customer has access to the most transparent, honest and helpful reviews. So despite the negative connotations of being a complainer, a bit of a thank you does need to go out to every Tracey and Colin, for making other customers aware of potential issues with a product or service so they can spend wisely.”