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05th Oct 2018

Thomas Cook have had a mare with this embarrassing paint job cock-up

Marc Mayo

It’s like a bad Top Gear joke

Travellers are beginning to wonder what they are letting themselves in for when boarding certain Thomas Cook planes, whose latest slogan changes quite considerably when the passenger doors open.

In a bid to push their new Cook’s Club holiday packages, the holiday operator has covered its fleet in ‘I ❤ Cook’s Club’ – although the unintended consequence of the door opening is the phrase ‘I ❤ Cock’s Club’ appearing on the plane.

Retired RAF pilot and author John Nichol became one of a growing number of people to have noticed the mishap when he tweeted out a comparison of the door open and closed, defining the error as ‘most unfortunate’.

Cook’s Club appears to be a way to entice millennials to travel with Thomas Cook, under the tagline that it ‘welcomes forward-thinking travellers to experience cool, modern design and unique indulgences at an affordable price’, which sounds a bit like a Revolutions in Milton Keynes.

Of course, this could all be a somewhat cynical marketing ploy to draw attention to a new scheme, in the hope that trendy websites read by interesting, young people are going to pick up on it. But, no, that can’t be true…