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09th Jun 2020

Pixar animator teaches you how to draw classic character


We’ve all tried it at some point

If you were a fan of Disney or Pixar films growing up, you almost certainly spent a not inconsiderable amount of time trying your hardest to draw some of your favourite characters from your favourite films.

Back then, all we had to go on was either our memory, or a paused screen on the telly, to allow us to copy what we saw onto the paper, but now we have the internet. Yay!

While it is a hell-hole, of course, the internet has also given us the opportunity to learn things we wouldn’t have before. One such new thing is drawing those aforementioned characters, so we got in contact with Dan Scanlon, the director of Pixar film Onward to show us how to draw the character of Ian in minutes.

Onward is now available to watch on Blu-ray, digital download and DVD.