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03rd Sep 2022

New Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg film gives actors worst Rotten Tomatoes score of their careers

Steve Hopkins

One viewer suggested it was the ‘worst movie’ they’d seen all year

Me Time, Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart‘s latest movie, has delivered both actors their worst rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The comedy, about a stay-at-home dad cutting loose with an old friend, landed on Netflix last week and has been buried in bad reviews ever since.

This snippet of a review, from the Boston Globe sums up what viewers can expect: “What the movie lacks in wit it makes up for with variety. There are masturbation jokes, porn jokes, excrement jokes, penis jokes, breast jokes, fart jokes, vomit jokes (visual as well as verbal).”

The plot, like the jokes, is pretty basic. Sonny (Hart) is the stay-at-home dad. He finds himself with some time on his hands, or ‘me time’, while his wife is away with the kids. So he reconnects with an old friend.

Naturally, that buddy hasn’t become so boring. The hard-partying, Huck is played by Wahlberg. A wild weekend ensues.

Regina Hall, Jimmy O. Yang, and John Amos come along for the ride.

Critics didn’t score the flick higher enough to break out of single digits. It got just seven per cent. The audience gave it 29 per cent.

On IMDB either, it was rated 5 out of 10.

Critics haven’t said many nice things either.

Empire Magazine: “Me Time takes an interesting family dynamic and hides it under crass jokes and hackneyed stunts.”

And The Hollywood Reporter commented: “The two stars have earned considerable good will from audiences over the course of their hugely successful careers. But that affection is likely to be tested with too many sub-par comic efforts.”

This pretty much sums up the vibe on Twitter.

Another said: “​​Me Time heavily advertised on Netflix. Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart. Thought for sure this would be a classic. Quite the opposite, what a let down. Waste of 2 hours.. annoyed.”

And someone else commented: “Me Time on Netflix was pretty awful.”

Despite all this, Mr Time debuted on Netflix as the second most watched title – beaten only by the new series Echoes – and was the most watched movie, racking up 59.2 million hours watched in its first three days.

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