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03rd Sep 2022

People can’t believe how casual Jeremy Clarkson is while losing control of a car at 120mph

Charlie Herbert

People cannot believe how casual Jeremy Clarkson is while losing control of a car at 120mph

The man’s cut from a different cloth

A resurfaced Top Gear clip has shown the moment Jeremy Clarkson lost control of a car at 120mph in the rain – and just how casually he deals with it.

In the clip from 2014, Jeremy is testing a BMW M135 against a Golf GTI at the show’s iconic airfield race track.

Initially everything is going fine, with both the BMW and the Golf hurtling around the track just fine, despite the rainy conditions.

But, driving the BMW, Jeremy seems to let his guard down for a minute, and the car quickly escapes his control at the breakneck speed of 120mph.

All things considered, Jeremy copes with the spin remarkably well though, bar the odd bleeped out swear word.

He manages to calmly drift the car on to the grass before bringing the car to a halt.

Turning to the camera, he says: “Yeah, you see the Golf won that because this… well it lost control, that’s what happened there. Wooh.”

You can see the scary moment below, from about 3:10 in.

Many took to the comments to voice their love for Jeremy.

One person wrote: “Love it when Clarkson spins out he doesn’t look scared just disappointed.”

Another said: “I love Jeremy’s face when he span off, like most people would be sh**ting themselves losing controls in the rain at 120 mph, and going from concrete to grass to concrete to grass… but clarkson just kind of accepts it and sits there very calm, its funny.”

A third commented: “I love how when Jeremy loses control and slips off the road he is so calm.

“Just watch his face.. He’s just like ‘oh great. Hey look at the grass. LA LA LA just crashing again.. Oh there goes the bumper.. That’s fine.. I have insurance.'”

Recently, it’s Jezza’s former Top Gear colleague James May who has hit headlines for crashing.

The 59-year-old was hospitalised after crashing into a wall at 75mph for a stunt on the hit Amazon Prime series, The Grand Tour.

He was said to have been driving a rally car at the time of the accident alongside co-hosts Jeremy and Richard Hammond.

May lost control of the Mitsubishi Lancer Eco 8, and “smashed his head quite hard in the impact, and was bloodied by it”, The Sun reported.

“He was complaining about pain in his back and neck. He broke at least one rib and was quite shaken by it,” a source told the publisher.

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