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23rd Jul 2021

Butchers launch Lotus Biscoff sausages and customers can’t get enough of them

Danny Jones

Say what now?

Yes, you read that right and no, you didn’t just unknowingly smoke a joint before reading this: you can now buy Lotus Biscoff sausages at a butchers in Limavady, County Londonderry. More importantly, judging by how well they’ve reportedly gone down, we expect this won’t be the last we see of them

As reported by Belfast Live, this highly curious concoction (and that’s putting it mildly) is the brainchild of Brian Bruise, an employee of the McAtamneys chain and with possibly one of the most convincing names for a butcher we’ve ever heard.

As you can read in the caption, this new creation is apparently “One of the hottest flavours right now”, even teasing customers to “Maybe swap your ketchup for some Biscoff spread for maximum flavour”.

The unique cinnamon and caramel flavour sausages are said to be made with the Biscoff spread and biscuits themselves at the Limavady store and have been met with a great reception. The branch boss, Nigel Steele, said of Bruise “He’s just a big fan”, adding, “It’s not really overpowering, but it’s quite tasty, it works well”.

Steele went on to say that one of the first batches was made at 11am on July 21st and by 3pm the same day, they had sold out. You’re braver folk than us – we struggle even accepting pineapple on pizza.

The butchers went on to say that “Every age group are coming in for them,” Nigel said and hinted that there could be more crazy creations down the line: “We’ll see how these got down and we’ll probably do a couple of other things and see how they are.”

In fairness, Lotus ice cream and Biscoff flavoured anything absolute bangs – it’s very much one of the foods of the moment – so we imagine Biscoff sausages aren’t as batshit as they sound.