Brits to bask in 20C heatwave as UK to be hit by 16 days of sun next month 5 months ago

Brits to bask in 20C heatwave as UK to be hit by 16 days of sun next month

A heatwave just in time for the Euros

May has been pretty miserable weather-wise and although the last month or so has displayed the true British spirit - people earning their pints as they sat outside pubs in raincoats with umbrellas at the ready - we're ready for some sun.


And, apparently, we're going to get it! That's the word from AccuWeather, who are forecasting a heatwave from the middle of June until the start of July. London and plenty of other places in the UK are set for a sublime 16 consecutive days of sun between June 15th until July 1st. Just what the doctor ordered.

Better still, if you like it hot then you'll be pleased to hear that the heat is supposed to hover around 20C or more throughout. In regions like Manchester and Newcastle, which have been battered by wind and rain as of late, the temperature is set to reach 21C, but who knows how high it will climb?

While the Met Office has projected a particularly miserable end to May (as if it wasn't coldest on record already) at least now we have something to look forward to. With Euro 2020 due to start on the 11th of June, not to mention England Ireland and Scotland all playing their first games inside the opening three days, the beer garden should hopefully be basking in the early rays.

Moreover, with lockdown having further eased today and people now allowed to meet at various indoor establishments, we can hopefully hide from the majority of May's remaining showers and emerge back outside in time for the heat to arrive and life as we used to know get back into the swing of things.

It's been a rough old year and a bit, hasn't it? But our patience looks like it's about to pay off. Hopefully, we'll get a few more days than expected in July but you can't moan at some long overdue sun.