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04th Dec 2023

Northern Lights to be visible from the UK tonight

Joseph Loftus

There’s nothing better to do on a Monday

The Northern Lights are set to be visible from parts of the UK tonight.

The Northern Lights, otherwise known as Aurora Borealis, are normally clear in the most northern points of the UK, but tonight they’ll be visible even further south.

The Northern Lights are caused by what’s called a “coronal mass ejection” where a large expulsion of the sun’s plasma leads to particles colliding with our planet’s atmosphere creating the incredible light show.

Although Scandinavia offers the most breath-taking views for the Northern Lights, the Met Office says that tonight they could even be visible in Newcastle.

The further North you head the better, however it’s worth knowing that it is believed to be bad luck to search for the Northern Lights.

As with anything high up in the sky, it’s best to try and avoid light pollution, so if you’re going to go out in search of them, try and get out of the city, and find a quiet spot somewhere in the country.

Fortunately you don’t need any specialist equipment to see the lights as if you’ve got clear skies and a good view then you should be easy enough to spot.

Happy looking.

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