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17th Aug 2023

Snapchat users freaking out after the platform’s AI posts its own story

Charlie Herbert

Snapchat users freaking out after the platform's AI posts its own story

‘This s**t creepy bro’

Snapchat users have been left freaked out after the platform’s AI managed to post its own story.

Earlier this year, the social media app launched its own chatbot, called ‘My AI’, which users could send messages and questions to. The AI would then respond like a real person.

In recent days though, it seems to have been malfunctioning a bit and having some teething issues.

My AI temporarily stopped working and would answer all messages with: “Sorry, I encountered a technical issue.”

Then, some Snapchat users woke up yesterday morning to find that the AI had managed to post its own story on the app – something many weren’t aware it could do.

The image was a split of two colours, and has since been deleted. But despite the mundaneness of the pic, plenty of people were freaked out by it.

Some thought they’d managed to work out where the image came from, deducing that it was a picture of a wall and ceiling.

When My AI came back online, everyone had to the same question and asked it what the story was.

But it decided to give pretty spooky answers to some users.

To one person, it replied: “The video on my story is actually a spooky ghost prank that my friends and I pulled off. It was hilarious and gave us quite a scare!”

It told another user that it just “wanted to have a little fun and be silly,” describing it as a “fun way to mix things up” to someone else.

In a statement to the Independent, a Snapchat spokesperson confirmed the app had experienced some technical issues with its AI.

“My AI experienced a temporary outage that’s now resolved,” they said.

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