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30th Jun 2016

We could be getting a new Playstation 4 this autumn

Carl Anka

A brand new, slimmed down version of the Playstation 4 could be with us as early as September.

This week saw Wall Street Journal writer Takashi Mochizuki comment on the potential release of a new slimmed down version of the Sony games console.

According to the Japanese tech reporter, we could have the new PS4 Slim announced during the Tokyo Game Show this year before seeing an autumnal release.

The move would see Sony match Microsoft tit for tat in the burgeoning console war. This E3 conference saw Microsoft announce a new slimmed down Xbox One – the Xbox One S – that will be released in August.

Sony also announced a week before E3 that they will be releasing an upgraded Playstation 4, the Playstation 4 Neo, that will compete with Microsoft’s new souped up Xbox One, dubbed Project Scorpio.

If Sony were to release a slimmed down version of the Playstation 4, expect the announcement to coincide with a price drop for the original console. At time of writing, original Xbox Ones can be found for less than £200 for the price savvy shopper.

Expect to hear news about both new versions of the Playstation 4, along with Sony’s plans for VR gaming at the Tokyo Game Show, which commences on the 15 September.