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21st Jun 2017

Guy accidentally group messages ‘Hey Beautiful’ to 7 girls he was dating, it backfired

Paul Moore

No hiding from this one.

Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman. Ok, take this sentiment and multiply it by seven.

We don’t exactly know what this level of anger must feel like, but we’re imagining that the hatred must be hotter than dragon fire on top of a volcanic mountain. Despite the less than ideal circumstances, it appears that there’s a happy ending for these seven ladies that were lied to because they’ve all become close friends after discovering that a man named Nathan was doing the dirt on all of them.

Ok, how did this happen? It appears that Nathan created a group chat on Snapchat that contained the message “Hey beautiful.” Unknown to this Lothario, he had no idea that all these ladies would be able to see that the message was sent to six other women.


Well, after discovering this, one of the ladies changed the group name to ‘Nathan’s Beautiful Girls,’ and they proceeded to absolutely roast him.

After Nathan was made aware of his gaffe, he blocked all these ladies from contacting him through social media or text.

Rather than let this bother them, the girls have taken the high road and are still in regular contact with each other. Speaking with Mashable, one of the girls said, “We send random memes in the group. And we will talk about casual stuff too. They seem really cool, I like them. The group has even discussed meeting up , but so far distance has kept them from doing so.”

Somehow, we reckon Nathan won’t get an invite.