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01st Mar 2017

WATCH: This rugby player’s cowardly punch on an opponent reportedly only gets a six-week ban

The definition of a cheap-shot

Sean McMahon

There should be zero tolerance when it comes to this kind of thing.

We all know that rugby is a physical game.

Due to its attritional nature, it can be very easy for tempers to boil over but thankfully, at the highest levels of the game at least, we don’t see as much violent behaviour as the sport’s detractors might suggest.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always hold at the lower levels of the game.

Footage has emerged on Twitter of a club rugby game taking place between Bletchley RFC and an unnamed side.

At the very beginning of the footage, you will notice the Bletchley second row approach an opposition player and subsequently throw a punch into the back of the head of his opponent.

According to the Twitter account which shared the footage, the victim suffered a burst eardrum and the second row only received a six-week ban for this cowardly act of play.

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