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07th Jan 2017

This goalkeeping gaffe will make you wonder exactly what the TV cameras missed

Brutal stuff

Patrick McCarry

What the hell happened here?

Matt Gooden scored a hat-trick for Stevenage in League Two but the real question was how on earth he ended up scoring his second.

Having put Stevenage 1-0 up, he benefited from a scandalously lax bit of goalkeeping from Newport goalkeeper Joe Day.

Day should not have been so far out of his goal but he ushered his forwards away as he sauntered out to shepherd a long ball out of play. The TV cameras did not capture his shame but certainly captured the fury of his defence as Gooden curled home to make it 2-0.

The striker put a penalty past Day in the second-half and is going home with the match ball this evening.

As for Day, he’ll be hoping no other clips of his clanger surface online or on our TV screens.