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09th Nov 2015

Watch Conor McGregor detail how he will beat Jose Aldo (if he shows up at UFC 194)

Will McGregor's latest prediction come true?


Conor McGregor feels he has Jose Aldo right where he wants him.

In a teaser trailer for a BT Sport interview with Gareth A. Davies, The Notorious explains how he has set up camp in the Brazilian’s head and that he will play on Aldo’s emotions if he shows up on December 12.

McGregor revealed that he wouldn’t be surprised if Aldo withdrew from the fight just like he did ahead of UFC 189 after sustaining a rib injury late in training.

But if the featherweight champion does show up next month, McGregor believes he has already sown the seeds to beat him.

“I feel I will KO him inside one [round],” McGregor said.

“If he makes that walk and if he is in the octagon then I feel that every single movement I make will get an overreaction from him because he’s emotionally invested it. There’s too much in it for him.

“The whole country of Brazil, it’s all piling on him.

“I feel if I just go ‘huh’ [moves forward], he will react a million times too much.

“That’s what I see the fight playing out as. I see him overreacting, over-extending and then being KO’d unconscious.”