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27th May 2017

WATCH: Arsene Wenger admits he’ll never forget ‘inhumane’ abuse he received from Arsenal fans

This is very sad to watch


It’s sad to hear an Arsenal legend speak like this.

As we are all very acutely aware, some Arsenal supporters would rather that their legendary manager Arsene Wenger would relinquish his role at the club, and allow someone else to take over.

Many have expressed their dissatisfaction in very measured, respectful and understandable ways. Others have been less so. A very vocal and attention-seeking minority have said some very unpleasant things about Wenger.

Ahead of their FA Cup Final showdown with Chelsea on Saturday, the Frenchman admitted that he won’t ever forget the way he has been treated by some of his own supporters, in a very sad interview.

You can watch a clip below, but Wenger’s main argument is that there’s some types of abuse that no one deserves:

“The lack of respect at some stages has been for me a disgrace, and I will never accept that. I believe there’s a difference between being criticised and being treated in a way that a human being doesn’t deserve to be treated.”