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30th Oct 2015

Sons of Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney don’t intend to follow in their fathers’ footsteps

Kids say the darndest things


The names Rooney and Ronaldo, forged through years of consistent excellence at the highest level of European football, muddied by the impetuosity of youth.

Take all your medals, all your golden boots, all your goal-scoring records and throw them in the bin, because the family legacy has been destroyed by the foolishness of your own kin.

This is the fate that awaits former Manchester United team-mates Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney if they can’t knock sense into their scions.

Both men have both recently been the subject of significant documentaries – Gary Lineker narrated a BBC documentary to mark Rooney breaking Bobby Charlton’s England goal-scoring record, while Ronaldo’s movie is released in cinemas next week.

Each documentary reveals insights into each man’s pursuit of footballing excellence, but the more revealing elements involve the footage with their families.

Incredibly, for all the goal scoring exploits of their fathers, it appears that both Kai Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. plan to become goalkeepers.

Understandably their respective fathers are horrified at their sons’ bizarre habits and instantly do their best to discourage them.

Our thoughts are with Wayne and Cristiano at this difficult time.

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