Tyson Fury will move into MMA, says his father John Fury 11 months ago

Tyson Fury will move into MMA, says his father John Fury

This we'd love to see

Tyson Fury will move into MMA before he retires from all forms of combat sport, according to his father John Fury.


Ahead of the Jake Paul versus Tyron Woodley fight on August 29th, JOE pitted John Fury against British UFC stalwart Dan Hardy in a boxing versus MMA debate.

The pair were tasked with answering some of the most contentious issues in both sports, such as:

  • Which sport is more dangerous?
  • Which is more skilful?
  • What does the involvement of YouTubers say about the state of boxing?
  • Why do UFC fighters earn so much less than boxers?

Watch the debate in full to find out what Fury and Hardy made of each question:

John Fury was also asked what he made of the prospect of son Tyson chancing his hand at MMA.

He said: "With the right training, he'd do very well.


"I've seen him excel in different sports like wrestling, so I've got kind of an idea what Tyson was from that. I know he can use more than his hands.

"He's quick, light on his feet and I do believe, if a top MMA trainer took him on, he could do big things with him - ask Darren Till."

Fury previously trained with Till back in November 2019, with the Liverpudlian urging Fury to give MMA a go.


It seems a spell in the octagon is a likely proposition, if John Fury's comments are anything to go by.

In his exchange with Dan Hardy, Fury added:

"The rougher it gets with Tyson, the better he likes it.

"When he does finally retire from boxing, he'll probably go to that [referring to MMA] and come back to boxing, but he will engage on that you'll see."

Hardy said he would "look forward to it", as would anyone with even a passing interest in boxing or MMA.


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