Dana White responds to Jake Paul threatening to KO him 8 months ago

Dana White responds to Jake Paul threatening to KO him

'It actually makes sense'

Jake Paul continues to run his mouth ahead of his fight with Tyron Woodley and whoever he might call out next. The 24-year-old fights the former UFC welterweight champion at 1am tonight, but in the meantime, he's had a few choice words for Dana White.


White, arguably the face of the UFC, and Paul have had a running feud ever since the Vine star turned 'influencer', turned fighter entered the realm of sport. Like many, the MMA promoter doesn't think Paul's venture into fighting is as serious as he does and the younger of the two boxing brothers has made his opinion's well known also.


As you can see, Paul is always thinking about the next fight even if he's not got through the first one and, turns out, you don't have to be a fighter for him to call you out either.

Nevertheless, White isn't a stranger to making enemies in the industry - as he puts it, he and his peers are "not in the nice guy business" - and he had a perfectly dismissive answer when an interviewer asked him how he felt about "somewhat professional fighter" calling out a 50 something non-fighter.


Whatever your opinion of Dana White may be, fair play: not only did he gave Paul the casual roast you would expect but he knows how to stir the pot ahead of a fight, especially when it's markedly different from his previous bouts.

Many people are expecting and perhaps hoping, even, that Paul is set to face a reality check in his fight against Woodley, as not only is he a proper fighter - Paul having only fought one professional previously in Ben Askren (retired no less) - but he is still plenty young enough to do some serious damage should he want to.

Will you be watching the latest celebrity/YouTuber boxing match and, more importantly, when is this craze going to end? He and his brother are now being tipped for a move into the UFC but, in the words of Tony Bellew, surely "someone's going to get seriously hurt" sometime soon? Regardless, their presence is bringing more money into the world of fighting.


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