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30th Apr 2017

The cameraman’s reaction when Anthony Joshua won was priceless

He enjoyed that


He enjoyed that.

The cameraman had a little moment of celebration when Anthony Joshua stopped Wladimir Klitschko in the 11th round of their epic fight at Wembley Stadium on Saturday night.

In fairness, it was hard not to be caught up in the moment, after what had been the best heavyweight fight in years.

Joshua knocked his illustrious opponent down in the fifth round, and it looked like it was going to be a short, painful comeback to the ring for the 41-year-old.

However, Klitschko dragged himself back to his feet and knocked Joshua down in the following round before taking control of the fight. Yet, the younger man dug very deep and summoned the energy to put Klitschko away in the penultimate round.

It was everything you could hope for from a boxing match, and the bravery from both men will be remembered for a long time.

All 90,000 people at Wembley were on the feet when the referee stepped in to end the bout, and even the cameraman got caught up in the moment.

The cameraman in the corner was filmed clenching his fist in a small moment of celebration to himself.

Maybe he had a few quid on Joshua ending the bout in the 11th round, or he just got the perfect shot of the dramatic moment.

The cameraman appeared to respond to Mitchell’s tweet, which went down well on social media.