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07th Nov 2017

Only proper wrestling nerds will get 100 per cent in this Royal Rumble quiz

30 years of Rumblin'

Darragh Murphy

We’ve seen some tremendous Royal Rumbles over the years

Nothing beats the shock of a returning superstar’s entrance music as an unexpected treat arrives in the form of one of the entrants.

The sight of a giant being outwitted by an underdog and tossed over the ropes, the teamwork employed by contestants who join together to eliminate a bigger threat and the close look referees would take at the wrestlers’ feet to make sure both touched the ground all made for fascinating watching.

The Royal Rumble first took place in 1988 and what we want from you WWE nerds is as many winners of the annual match as you can… in 10 minutes.

There are superstars who have won it more than once but, we do warn you, it’s trickier than it sounds.

And before we get abuse, we should point out that, in 1994, two winners were declared so we’ll accept either’s name as an answer… We’re nice like that.

Good luck and let us know how you do.

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