Cristiano Ronaldo removes Coke and champions water in pre-match conference 1 year ago

Cristiano Ronaldo removes Coke and champions water in pre-match conference


It's no secret that Cristiano Ronaldo looks after himself - there's plenty of players that go on until they're 40 but CR7 might qualify as a pensioner by the time he's ready to hang up his boots.


His commitment to clean eating and drinking was evident this week as the Portuguese star removed two bottles of Coke from a pre-match Euro 2020 press conference table, hiding them off camera and instead choosing to champion the true athlete's sports beverage: "Agua!"

That's Portuguese for water, by the way. So, yeah, I guess you could say we're pretty cultured.


It might not be on the same level as that oh so sweet first "Siiiiuuuuu!" back in 2014 but there's something very funny and endearing about one of the greatest of all time, essentially, shaking his head at UEFA and the media while telling everyone to drink water.

Put it this way, if it's good enough for Ronaldo, it's more than good enough for us. I will do literally anything to look like that and maintain that level of physical fitness when I turn 30, let alone 36. "Now that's what I call high quality H20".

It's also reassuring to know that you don't need to buy into crazy diets or reinvent the wheel when it comes to staying fit and healthy; if you go by his interview with ESPNFC, he keeps things pretty simple food wise - he just eats six times a day.


Same, to be fair, I just don't reckon any of his meals include beer, sausage rolls and gallons of tea.