Piers Morgan savages Lionel Messi on Twitter after he wins 7th Ballon d’Or 8 months ago

Piers Morgan savages Lionel Messi on Twitter after he wins 7th Ballon d’Or

Yeah, we get it, you're Ronaldo over Messi but come off it, Piers, honestly

Piers Morgan has taken a pop at Lionel Messi following his seventh Ballon d'Or win, and it's safe to say he's been slated for it.


Following the announcement, the well-known CR7 fan tweeted the suggestion that Messi isn't even in the top two players amongst the PSG squad. Ah yes, because it's famously the other Messi people are talking about when they argue who's better, him or Cristiano.


Unsurprisingly, he got roasted rather quickly on social media, with pretty much everyone just going with the standard response of three or more laughing emojis. Yep, that should do it.

Darren Bent got in the mixer for it, among many other names, but among those who didn't just laugh, the theme tended to revolve around drinking Piers' tears in some form.


Whether you think it should have been someone like Lewandoski this year (we certainly did), it's pretty hard to argue with someone who is actually from outer space when it comes to football. Regardless, even if you don't agree with that, coming to the suggestion that Messi isn't in the top two at his current club is just madness, mate. It's Messi...

Besides, the winner shouldn't have come as that much of a shock: aside from having won it six times prior and forever being in with a shout until the day he retires, one would imagine. it would seem that Patrice Evra announced the decision a day early on his Instagram.

All that being said, Piers Morgan's Messi agenda (driven simply by his mad obsession with Ronaldo) is getting embarrassing at this point - not that he will notice or particular care, mind you.

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