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06th Nov 2015

Xabi Alonso is spending his Friday in the most Xabi Alonso way possible (Pic)

Make this man the next James Bond


It’s good to see that Xabi Alonso is seamlessly stepping into the world’s coolest footballer void left by Andrea Pirlo after he hot-footed it to the States.

The Bayern Munich midfielder is the epitome of cool on and off the field, so why would’t he be spending his Friday driving a convertible classic car through picturesque countryside with the top down?

It’s probably safe to assume that at no stage in his drive did he get stuck behind a tractor and a load of cows whose relentless sh*tting cause him to wretch over the side the car while a man with a stick tells him that he’d be better off going back the other way because it will take hours to get past these cattle.

No, that kind of crap doesn’t happen to Xabi Alonso.