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16th Dec 2015

Check out this bitter Brazilian journalist’s ridiculous pound-for-pound ranking of Conor McGregor (Pic)



The general consensus is that the pound-for-pound rankings mean sweet f**k all…until a voter gets it completely wrong.

It might be a pointless exercise to rank fighters who will never, ever fight each other, but generally it’s accepted that people will give credit where it’s due.

So when Conor McGregor took just 13 seconds to dismantle Jose Aldo – a fighter who had never been beaten at featherweight and was top of the pound-for-pound list – it was expected that the Notorious would make a fairly decent jump up the list.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Actual P4P

However, Marcelo Russio, a journalist from Brazilian outlet Canal Combate, must have thought that McGregor’s belt-winning performance at UFC 194 was deserving of him taking a nose-dive in the rankings.

Four places, to be exact.

In comparison, he moved Aldo down just one spot to second…

P4P Brazil bitter