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30th Oct 2015

Louis van Gaal delivers a brilliant put-down to Paul Scholes


Louis van Gaal could have just ignored Paul Scholes’ comments about his Manchester United team, but thankfully he didn’t.

The Red Devils boss has issued a perfect response after the Old Trafford legend said he wouldn’t enjoy playing in the current United setup.

“You have an expression. I always use Dutch expression, but you have a fantastic expression for that – ‘sticks and stones can break my bones, but names [words] will never hurt me,” Van Gaal said.

“He [Scholes] doesn’t have the responsibility, so he can say everything…why he is saying something? For the benefit of the club or the benefit of himself?”


Strong words indeed from the Dutchman, but he’s well aware of the sway that many of the Class of ’92 still hold in Manchester.

“I don’t want to defend myself because I cannot defend, because he is a legend and he has a lot of resonance, so I hear,” Van Gaal added.

“I think when you are a legend, you have to speak with the manager or his friend, Ryan Giggs, or Ed Woodward, but not this way, because he will be paid by the BBC or Sky.”

How will Scholes come back from this?