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10th May 2023

KSI predicts Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz

Callum Boyle


‘Nate Diaz can’t box’

KSI believes that Jake Paul has what it takes to beat Nate Diaz.

Paul and Diaz will face off on August 5 after years of talk between the two and KSI is likely to be watching on eagerly in the hope of securing his own bout against long-time rival Paul.

Speaking exclusively to JOE, the YouTuber-turned-boxer and musician gave his prediction for the fight in which he backed Jake to go on and beat the former UFC star.

He said: “Jake Paul easily.

“Nate Diaz doesn’t know how to box. I think that he’s an MMA fighter, Jiu-jitsu, black belt… You know, top tier.

“But when it comes to boxing he’s gonna be a**.”

While acknowledging that it won’t be easy for Paul, KSI believes that that weight will be a huge advantage for Paul.

“Yeah, he’ll have the cardio, but I think, Jake Paul at that weight, they are going to fight at 185lbs, Nate Diaz has never fought at that weight.

“Him going at 185lbs to box Jake Paul, who that’s all he does, it’s going to be a whitewash.”

“I’d bet so much money on Jake winning,” KSI added. “That is just the easiest money of your life.”

Watch more of our exclusive interview with KSI below:

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