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21st May 2017

Jurgen Klopp has another ‘BOOM’ moment explaining how he’ll celebrate Champions League qualification

They better do it now he's said this!


What a character.

If nowt else, Jurgen Klopp is certainly entertaining. We’re used to monotonous dial-a-cliche interviews from our managers in this country, but the jocular German is always good value when confronted with a television microphone, and his soundbites make for a very refreshing change.

On Sunday, you’d forgive the Liverpool manager to be tight-lipped and not a little nervy as Champions League qualification hangs in the balance. But nothing could be further from the truth. He was his usual gregarious self – especially when asked how he’d celebrate a top four finish.

He explained: “My plan is we shout after the game together YEESSSS – then a word with F and a lot of beep – and then YEESSSS again!”

As you can see below, the Jeff Stelling and the Gillette Soccer Special panel were absolutely loving it. Never change, Jurgen. Never change.