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06th Dec 2022

Joe Rogan thinks Conor McGregor’s piss would ‘burn a hole’ through drug test cup

Steve Hopkins

‘It would just like burn a hole right through the bottom’

Joe Rogan has claimed Conor McGregor‘s piss “would melt” an anti-doping agency cup after the fighter suggested athletes recovering from injuries should be allowed to use performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

Rogan invited a popular bodybuilder and PED expert on his podcast on 3 December, where they both shared the view that the Irishman clearly “doesn’t pass the eye test” now that he left the USADA testing pool.

“It seemed exactly like (McGregor was justifying PED use),” Rogan said about McGregor’s recent tweets, which he has since deleted.

“Not only that. He’s taking his shirt off and posing constantly and he looks like his piss would melt that USADA cup,” he said.

“Like it would just like burn a hole right through the bottom of that USADA cup.

Rogan continued: “The weird thing is that there is a loophole in USADA that allows you to get out of the testing pool. You can just juice up.”

McGregor broke his leg in a second consecutive defeat by Dustin Poirier last July but has been returning to training step-by-step ahead of a potential comeback in 2023 and majorly bulking up. McGregor has revealed that he has been walking around at 190lb.

Rogan said it “seems weird” that someone with an injury can dodge testing and get massive, “that’s a very wise approach to it”.

“And he looks massive!” Rogan exclaimed. “He looks like he’s over 200 pounds right now.”

Rogan’s bodybuilder guest, Derek from More Plates More Dates, called McGregor “juicy” and believes the fighter is “almost certainly” taking something now that he’s significantly upsized while not being tested.

“HGH, peptides, androgens are very restorative, like they’ll reinforce bone mineral density,” Derek explained, adding: “Like, there’s certain stuff that’s going to stay in the system for a long time he could never use, but anything pro-bone integrity, I would be highly incentivised. If I was him and I wasn’t being tested, I’d be pushing that vector hard.”

McGregor has called Rogan “f—ng tick” over his commentary.

This time last year, the Mail reported the fighter had managed to pack on two-and-a-half stone of muscle in just six months, something experts insist is nearly impossible for most people to achieve.

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