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08th Nov 2022

Conor McGregor sparks concern with ‘scary’ ‘new low’ video using monkey filter

Steve Hopkins

What planet is McGregor on?

Conor McGregor fans have been left confused by yet another strange social media post, as the former UFC champ becomes as notorious online as he once was in the ring.

This time, McGregor has posted a comeback video using a filter that turned him into an ape. The post has fans scratching their heads for a deeper meaning.

The fighter has been out of UFC action since breaking his leg in a defeat to Dustin Poirier last July, but is currently undertaking a rehabilitation programme ahead of a potential comeback in 2023. On Tuesday, he posted a picture showing just how well that is going.

While out of the octagon the Irishman has been regularly updating fans on social media – including posting a pic of his mum in blackface and seemingly being tendered to on a boat. 

The posts, many of which attack fellow UFC stars, have some concerned for McGregor’s state of mind.

McGregor is known for his being braggadocious, in the same way Kanye West was before it all went too far.

But his latest video has baffled MMA fans, with the star morphing into an ape and muttering, “I told you I’d be back”.

One wrote: “Translation: Just getting up to some monkey business.'”

Another was also confused: “I hope this goes in the deleted tweets pile, this is scary.”

Others were more supportive of McGregor, with one writing: “Planet of the double champ.”

Another added: “This man is pure entertainment. Anything to cover up not having a beard.” While other fans were more concerned about his comeback, with one commenting: “It’s almost impossible to still be a Conor fan”. One final fan agreed: “A new low for sure.”

McGregor is currently filming for his Hollywood debut in a remake of classic Road House alongside actor Jake Gylenhaal which has pushed his return fight into 2023.

However his manager Tim Simpson expects him to be back and ready to halt his UFC decline in 2023.

“A fun little venture then switching back to climbing the mountain again. It fits in perfectly. He’s still on track for a big return next year, but this fits in perfectly in the meantime,” Simpson told MMA Junkie.

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