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29th Apr 2018

British MMA veteran suffers the most gruesome cut you’ll ever see

His skull was exposed

Ben Kiely

WARNING: The cut Jack Mason suffered at Cage Warriors 93 is stomach-churningly graphic.

Jack Mason entered into his bout against Hakon Foss with a normal-looking head. However, he left the Gothenburg cage with a dome so horrific that it would make small children (and fully-grown MMA journalists) cry in terror.

Mason (29-17-1) took an absolute beating at the heavy hands of Foss (9-5). The Englishman started out as the aggressor with the Norwegian circling away from his power hand. While Mason attempted to hit home with loaded up shots, Foss did a pretty good job of slipping out of harm’s way.

The momentum shifted heavily in favour of Foss after he clipped Mason with a spinning hook kick. When the Brit dropped down to engage in a clinch with his back to the cage, he was rattled by a seismic flying knee that pretty much ended the fight as a contest. With the smell of blood in his nostrils, Foss moved in for the kill, hammering Mason with vicious punches and knees until Marc Goddard had seen enough. Foss was awarded the TKO victory at the 1:56 mark of round one.

Great to see Mason have a sense of humour about the loss, especially considering the state those knees left him in.

UFC veteran John Maguire¬†shared footage of the cut Mason suffered above his left eye. Not to oversell it or anything, but it’s deeper than most valleys. The skull is exposed and although you can’t actually see his brain, it’s about as close as you’re going to get while he’s still conscious and breathing.

Check out the file clip embedded below. And don’t say we didn’t warn you. You’ve had plenty of opportunities to not watch it.

You only have your sick curiosity to blame for that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomachs.