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30th Apr 2017

It didn’t end well for this angry Spurs fan after he took exception with Mesut Özil’s corner ball placement

Sheer anger...


Football fans have a knack of getting really angry about silly little things. Especially on derby day.

Take what happened with 26 minutes of White Hart Lane’s final North London derby, for example.

Arsenal had been awarded a corner and Mesut Özil trotted across to take it. As pointed out several thousand Spurs fans, the German international didn’t appear to have spotted the ball in the quadrant, prompting referee Michael Oliver to wander over and have a look.

Oliver instructed Özil to reposition the ball and after he moved the ball all of two centimetres, the referee was satisfied to turn his back.

As he did, Özil moved the ball again slightly, causing more cries of annoyance from the Spurs supporters. Oliver turned around again, walked a few steps, then decided to just do nothing.

While this drew further yells from disgruntled Spurs fans, most just left it at that.


For one man, the sight of a ball placed slightly out of the corner quadrant wasn’t worthy of the odd angry shout from his seat. Oh no. This was enough to stand up, walk down a flight of steps and give Özil a good piece of his mind from just behind the advertising hoardings.

Here he is. Just look at the fury in his nearly-pixelated face…

Sheer rage…

Unfortunately for him, the stewards were having none of this and swiftly intervened.


The corner, which came to nothing, was taken, and the angry man appears to have been escorted away.

Those that saw the incident on Sky’s coverage appeared amused, some of which describing it as one of the more entertaining moments of the first half.