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16th Jul 2021

Fans loved seeing Jordan Pickford living his best life after Euro 2020 heroics

Danny Jones

Jordan Pickford enjoys much deserved break after Euros

Jordan Pickford partying the pain away is exactly what we needed to see today

Euro 2020 still stings – don’t pretend it doesn’t. We came close than ever after 55 years of hurt but the cards just didn’t fall our way. Nevertheless, we couldn’t be prouder of what Gareth Southgate and the boys did for us this summer.

That being said, it must be hard to switch your head off after such a momentous occasion and disappointing defeat at the final hurdle. Well, England‘s number one Jordan Pickford seems to have found the solution: dance the night away till your heart’s content and have a few shandies I’m sure.

We can’t lie, after seeing how well he did all tournament and how magnificent he was in the penalty shootout against Italy alone, seeing him get some kind of payoff and respite for his incredible efforts warmed our hearts.

And we weren’t the only ones, it would seem, as plenty of England fans were in the replies congratulating him on his powerful performance but, most of all, telling him to get amongst it and enjoy the well-deserved after-party.

And yes, don’t worry, plenty of people said what we were all thinking:

We would have, of course, loved to see what a fully gassed Jordan Pickford partying looks like after bringing home an international trophy but there’s always next year. With that in mind, we hope all the England players enjoyed a proper do and toasted to their success – they were magic from start to finish. Enjoy it, lads.