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19th Jun 2018

Everyone’s saying the same thing about this World Cup mascot’s hair

A haircut for the ages

Wayne Farry

Highlight of the tournament so far

The World Cup gives football fans many things. Good football, bad football, goals, free-kicks, great punditry, awful punditry, red cards, penalties; the lot.

On Tuesday afternoon it gave us something else: the greatest haircut of the modern football era.

No, it is not the new style being debuted by Poland striker Robert Lewandowski – although his lightning strike design shaved into the side of his head is pretty decent – and in fact comes from one of the mascots.

The young man could be seen in the tunnel prior to the game, standing in front of the officials, each of whom one can only assume were awe-struck at the sight in front of them.

Now, not to overstate how spectacular this haircut is, but it really needs to be seen to be believed. From the front, if you squint, it looks like a short back and sides with a medium length of hair on top.

But when you actually see it from all angles you realise it’s a whole new ball game. The kid appears to have asked the barber to give him a type of horse’s mane, resulting in the best mullet this side of the American deep south.

As expected, the mullet caused shockwaves on social media where – thankfully – the response was a resoundingly positive one.