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16th Jun 2022

Ben Foster reveals YouTube vlogs will be part of talks with new clubs

Callum Boyle

Foster is currently a free agent

Ben Foster has revealed his YouTube will be a part of his negotiations when finding a new club for next season.

Foster is currently a free agent after leaving Watford at the end of last season and in a recent interview club chairman, Scott Duxbury, revealed that the experienced shot stopper was fined for continuing to film his controversial vlogs – despite being told to stop.

“Our sporting director, Cristiano Giaretta, met with Ben and asked him to stop. He promised he would, but he didn’t. He was fined,” he said,

“We want a culture of excellence at Watford. Those videos were not that.

“I wanted to say publicly at the time that the videos were utterly wrong and we had fined the player and asked him to stop, but it just wasn’t something I could do.”

Foster thinks the vlogs could make him an attractive prospect to clubs

But during his own podcast, known as Fozcast, the 39-year-old said that any talks with prospective clubs would include his YouTube channel as he continues to give an insight into the life of a professional footballer.

“That’s going to be dead exciting – to see how football clubs gauge that, whether they are like “we want you to keep doing it, carry on making videos and highlighting our club and some of the characters…that I’m sure will be part of the negotiations and talks.

“When we come down to it, [I will ask] am I allowed to keep doing this? Are you happy with me doing this? Do you want me to do more of this?”

The former England international even believes that the vlogs could make him more of an attractive proposition to clubs interested due to the originality behind the content, saying: “This is so new and has never really been done before.”

Ben Foster vlogs

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