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27th Nov 2021

Eddie Hearn criticises ‘disgusting’ and ‘tasteless’ Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury press conference

Daniel Brown

“It was disgusting, it was tasteless, the language was terrible.”

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has slammed the controversial Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury press conference, labelling it ‘disgusting’ and ‘tasteless’.

Tyson Fury and John Fury joined Tommy on stage as the famous boxing family traded insults with Paul over a video call ahead of the fight on December 18.

BT Sport – who broadcasted the event live on YouTube – have since issued an apology after the back-and-fourth altercation undeniably crossed the line.

YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul claimed that John Fury is living off his sons’ achievements, calling him a ‘nobody’ before telling him to ‘suck my d***’.

John fired back at Paul, stating that he would ‘beat the s***’ out of him if he ever went to America and that he ‘doesn’t have a d*** to suck’.

The ‘conversation’ between John and Paul continued, with Fury Sr making gross remark: “You know when Tommy knocks you out, he’s gonna bend your girlfriend over and do her like a dog.”

Following the press conference, Chairman of Matchroom Sport Hearn – a competitor of Queensberry’s Frank Warren – admitted that the scenes on stage made him feel sorry for his fellow promoter.

Speaking to iFL TV, he said: “I thought it was disgusting to be honest with you. You’ve got the younger generation watching that.

“Even, actually, for one time I felt a little bit for Frank Warren because I’ve been there on a much less cringe stage with KSI and Logan Paul.

“Frank was embarrassed. The language is terrible. I like beef, I love it, but for me it’s a bad look.”

Hearn also stated that he’s ‘over the moon’ not to be involved with the event after what occurred at the press conference

He added: “It was disgusting, it was tasteless, the language was terrible – but me saying that it’s, ‘Oh it’s Eddie, it’s just because he’s not involved in the event’.

“I am over the moon that I am not involved in that. Trust me.”

Paul and Fury will face-off at the Amalie Arena in Florida on December 18.

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