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31st Oct 2015

David James makes preposterous claim about David de Gea and Real Madrid…

Hindsight is a wonderful thing


David James thinks it’s fortunate for David de Gea that his proposed move to Real Madrid fell through – but there is one major flaw in the former Liverpool keeper’s logic.

“You look at Navas at Real Madrid, it’s no wonder de Gea didn’t go there,” said James on BT Sport.

“When you think that Navas is such a good goalkeeper that De Gea wasn’t necessarily going to be the number one anyway. I think it was possibly a reason, because Navas is awesome. He has been for a few years now.”

What James failed to grasp, however, is that Navas was all set to move to Manchester United had Real Madrid got their act together over De Gea.

The goalkeepers would never have been in the same squad – so there would have been no worries for De Gea about competing with the Costa Rican.

navas de gea

James added: “I enquired a couple of years ago to Arsene Wenger, ‘Why don’t you go for Navas, £8million or £10million buy-out?’ He had (David) Ospina on his card, he went for Ospina, didn’t he?

“Navas has had an exceptional start to the season in Spain and justified my theory that he is up there, if I say the top three – as a loose number – in the world because he is that good.”