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17th Feb 2016

Danny Welbeck ‘hospitalised an Arsenal fan’ with his last gasp winner

Are you Ramsey in disguise?


He was lucky it wasn’t Aaron Ramsey.

Arsenal secured a valuable win over league leaders Leicester on Sunday thanks to a dramatic winner courtesy of Danny Welbeck, who was playing his first game after an extended lay-off with injury.

When Welbeck’s header went sailing into the back of the net deep into injury time, Arsenal fans went berserk. One Gooner went so cray after the dramatic winner that he wound up in hospital (SPOILER: he’s fine now.)


Scott Woods, a 26-year-old season-ticket holder, revealed to the Mirror that he gave himself a hernia celebrating Welbeck’s goal.

“When it went in, I jumped about six feet in the air. I was jumping around with my dad and didn’t even realise what I’d done!”

Initially, Woods thought it might have something he drank, but soon it dawned on him that his reaction to Welbeck’s winner was the reason why he required surgery.

“I thought I just had a stomach ache. I was going to go and do some work after the match, but I was so over the moon when were leaving the stadium, I went to the pub. I got home and it was still sore, but I thought it was something I’d eaten… or maybe a dodgy pint!”

“They asked me if I’d done any heavy lifting or exercise. I was baffled – I definitely hadn’t done any exercise. Then it clicked. It was all that jumping around with my dad… who’s fine, by the way!”

Woods has been giving permission by the doctors to attend Arsenal’s upcoming match against Hull City, but has been given strict instructions to remain seated during the match.