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22nd Jun 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo had a ruthless response to James Rodriguez’s new haircut

No mercy


Another day, another world class player taking the piss out of another really good footballer.

Welcome to 2017, people. Last week, Antoine Griezmann decided to get a haircut. You probably heard about it, it was big news.

The Atletico Madrid forward is on his summer holidays, and he’s definitely not joining Manchester United this year, so he’s free to dye his hair blue if he chooses to.

However, Neymar is also free to take the piss, and take the piss he did.

James Rodriguez is also on holiday after a frustrating season with Real Madrid. The Colombian wasn’t even part of Madrid’s squad for the Champions League final win over Juventus and looks set to move on this summer.

While he waits for the transfer to happen, Rodriguez has decided to get blonde highlights in his hair, proving that footballers get as bored as the rest of us when the season ends.

Here’s Rodriguez sporting his new hair:

However, his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t a fan. Ronaldo is currently at the Confederations Cup with Portugal, but took the time out to give a ruthless appraisal of Rodriguez’s new haircut.

Here’s his reply:

Ronaldo wrote: “Cabelo feio,” which, in English, translates to “ugly hair.”

F****** hell, Ronnie. You wouldn’t see Ronaldo with blonde highlights. Nope, never.