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17th Jun 2017

Neymar’s reaction to Antoine Griezmann’s new haircut says it all

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Sir Alex Ferguson wouldn’t approve of Antoine Griezmann’s new haircut.

Ferguson’s issue with David Beckham largely stemmed from when the former Manchester United midfielder shaved his head, and insisted on wearing a hat until he went on the pitch for match.

Beckham didn’t want anyone to get a photo of his new cut until the game. To Ferguson, this showed the player had taken his eye off the ball and was distracted by fame.

“The plan was that he would keep the beanie hat on and take it off just before kick-off,” Ferguson wrote in his second book.

“At that time I was starting to despair of him. I could see him being swallowed up by the media or publicity agents.”

Unlike Beckham, Fergie kept the same haircut for his entire life. You could set your watch to it…

Needless to say, Ferguson never shaved an emoji into the side of his hair like Paul Pogba, or dyed his hair blue like his pal Griezmann.

The Atletico Madrid forward has now finally put an end to transfer links with United, as he can’t show up at Old Trafford with blue hair, the colour of Manchester City.

Griezmann is currently on holiday and after a long season, and seemingly got bored…

Griezmann posted another photo to Instagram, looking very colour coordinated.

However, Neymar doesn’t seem to be a fan of Griezmann’s new haircut. The Barcelona responded to the Instagram, and seemed to find it very funny.

Unfortunately, Griezmann didn’t respond by posting this: