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05th Jun 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo fans express their disbelief at his newly-shaved head

Huge sports news


Here at JOE, we like to provide our readers with the biggest breaking sports stories. With this in mind, here is a story about Cristiano Ronaldo shaving his head.

And don’t even bother trying to pretend this isn’t the biggest sports news of the week. It is.

Ronaldo, a day on from winning his fourth (and Real Madrid’s 12th) European Cup, has marked the occasion by taking the hair clippers to his head.

Yep, just hours on from scoring twice against Juventus in Cardiff, Ronaldo was showing off his new hairdo to his social media followers.

‘Do you like it?’ he asks in the caption accompanying the picture, which he shared on Instagram.

The new hairdo has already caused quite a stir on social media, with many struggling to understand why the Ballon d’Or winner would ever consider parting company with his slightly longer locks.

As we say, MAJOR sports news.