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14th Sep 2020

Cricket match breaks out on the M1 outside Luton during traffic jam

Wayne Farry

Traffic jams are generally crap

Due to our impatient human nature, we all want to get where we’re going as quickly (or quicker) as is humanly possible. Traffic jams represent an issue in this regard.

They force us to slow down, or even stop, and entertain the thoughts inside our minds for an extended period of time. Truly terrifying I’m sure you’ll agree.

This reality was one which confronted people on the M1 over the weekend, finding themselves in a massive backlog of traffic. Most of them stayed in their cars, as we simply must stress is the safe and correct thing to do, but a small group had a different plan in mind.

A group of four fellas decided that it was the right time to grab a cricket bat and ball, pop over to the other side of the dual carriageway, and play a game of cricket.

While we would not recommend this in any way, it did appear to entertain the other drivers caught in traffic, many of whom got out of their cars to watch the impromptu game.

Unfortunately, we don’t know who won the game, but we’re fairly certain that those who took part will be receiving some points in the post once the authorities figure out who they are.