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19th Jun 2017

Chelsea’s leaked jersey is classy but extremely plain

Nice jersey, but...


Chelsea will have a new kit next season.

But, to be honest, it’ll feel like you’ve already seen it. The Premier League champions have ended their 11 year partnership with adidas, and their kits will be made by Nike next season.

Images of Chelsea’s jersey for next season has leaked on Football Headlines, and while it’s a smart looking effort, it has a familiar feel to other Nike kits.

It follows the stock template that we have seen for kits wore by England, Portugal and Manchester City. It even has the same template as the new Spurs’ new kit.

Here’s a concept of the jersey:

And here’s images of it on sale:

In fairness, it’s probably difficult to come up with new kit ideas every season, and make them original for dozens and dozens of clubs across the world.

And most fans probably don’t care what their team’s jersey looks like as long as they’re successful in it.