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17th Jun 2017

Leaked new 2017/18 Spurs kit is disappointingly bland to say the least

Spurs fans won't be happy about this one


The scourge of modern football kits.

Some football supporters could not give a shiny shit about what design of jersey their players wear. As long as it’s the right colour that’ll do. To other fans, it means a great deal. They like a cool aesthetic and may even be tempted to purchase a smart looking kit.

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The problem these days is that originality is less and less a factor is the design process. Most of the major kit manufacturers are inclined to work to a generic template that they use for pretty much all their home kits and most of the away uniforms too. The only real difference is the colours used and perhaps a slightly different trim.

It’s not like the good old days…

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Spurs recently signed a bumper deal with Nike, replacing Under Armour, and fans were looking forward to what the American brand would have in mind. Sadly it looks like the new home outfit will simply be a derivation of the same template used for England, France, Portugal and other national teams for a few years now.

These are leaked images of the rumoured new kit. White body and grey arms, hardly inspiring stuff…