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24th Nov 2021

Tommy Fury claims he ‘can’t miss’ Jake Paul’s jaw in fiery press conference

Callum Boyle

The fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is due to take place in four weeks’ time

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul exchanged a war of words in their pre-fight conference as they prepare to go head to head in Tampa Bay, Florida on 18 December.

The conference itself wasn’t entirely in person, with Paul joining on a zoom call from a swimming pool live in Puerto Rico whilst Fury was sat alongside dad John as well as heavyweight champion and brother, Tyson.

As expected, the conference descended into chaos as both parties went back and forth at each other, expressing their confidence at how one will beat the other.

YouTube star Paul is so confident that he will win that he feels his upcoming fight will be ‘easier’ than his most recent –  a win over former UFC fighter Tyrone Woodley, whilst former Love Island contestant Tommy issued a stark warning to the American by saying he will do his talking in the ring.

“Fighting wins fights,” he exclaimed.

“I’m not engaging in this. I’m not on Instagram as I don’t care. When he jumps through the ropes and realises I’m not a YouTuber and gets a jab landed on that chin, he’ll be saying, ‘pull me out’.

“This is easy money for me. I’m going to rob the bank, thank you very much. I can’t miss that jaw. I’ll bust you up.

“I’ll break your face completely in. I hope you’re ready. You’re an absolute state and will get a reality check.”

Tensions then really began to boil over as father John and Paul embroiled in a series of insults as John targeted Paul’s girlfriend to which he replied calling Tommy’s dad a ‘cringe old man.’

Meanwhile the UK promoter for the fight, Frank Warren, believes the youngest Fury will win but reserved praise for his opponent for the way he has handled professional life in the boxing ring.

He said: “I am excited, it’s very exciting, I’ve never been involved in anything like this.

“This is an ongoing anti-social media feud. It’s getting worse!

“Come the night, the talking will be done. Jake Paul has done brilliantly, he’s taken himself seriously. He’s not got an amateur background, Tommy has, from a traditional boxing family, with seven pro fights.

“This is a reality check for Jake, I expect Tommy to win this fight and be successful. Jake has a big point to prove. I take my hat off, he’s stepping up to the plate, this is in front of the world, a huge audience, new to me, but the winner of this fight, which I believe will be Tommy, will be one of the most famous people on the planet. I’m so excited!”

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