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18th Nov 2015

Anthony Martial’s wife thanks Manchester for their support


Man United fans have often read stories of their heroes’ other halves being less than enamoured with Manchester.

The likes of Victoria Beckham, Ana Ivanović (Vidic) and Jorgelina Cardoso (Di Maria) have all been cited as unhappy with the fine northern city at one time or another, and portrayed as encouraging their beaus to move to sunnier climes.

Whether there’s any truth in such rumours, or it’s just a lazy thing to blame when you can’t accept a star players wants to depart is open to conjecture. But the suggestion seems to be that some don’t quite appreciate the industrial charm of Corrie country.

So perhaps Mancs of a red persuasion will be relieved to hear that Anthony Martial’s missus looks like she’s enjoying the city. The pair moved to Manchester with their daughter in September, and Samantha Martial seems to be happy and very appreciative of the locals.

She posted a pic in a fancy shoe shop and wrote: “Thank you Manchester for support My man ??”

samantha martial

We reckon this was just before she headed off to Wetherspoon for a cheeky burger and chips.