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13th Nov 2015

Ander Herrera’s football icon is an Old Trafford legend

It's not Kleberson


Even if you never saw a footballer before in your life you could spot talent in Ander Herrera.

The Spaniard has a wonderful first touch and is adept at picking out passes if Louis van Gaal would only let him.

The Manchester United boss seemed unimpressed by the former Athletic Bilbao man in his opening season at the helm, but this campaign the midfielder has made a marked difference to the side.


He’s a fan’s favourite and, speaking ahead of the upcoming UNICEF game at Old Trafford, Herrera admitted that one former United legend has inspired his style of play above all others

“I remember Paul Scholes as a player who could defend, who could attack, who could pass, who could tackle, who could do everything. He was a complete player.

“I know it’s difficult as there is only one Paul Scholes but I try to do similar things sometimes. I try to learn from him. I try to score, try to defend and try to win balls back. I am Ander Herrera, he is Paul Scholes, and we are different players, of course.”


The 26-year-old has grabbed two goals so far this season in just seven Premier League appearances and has revealed to that there is a mutual appreciation between both players which the Spaniard is very happy about.

“When you are thinking of one midfielder in Manchester United’s history, he comes to mind. I remember the Champions League semi-final against Barcelona. United won 1-0 and he scored a fantastic goal but it was not only the goal as he played so well. I was impressed and that is why I see him as an example.

“I saw that Paul Scholes said some nice things about me earlier this season and that makes me really proud. It pushes me to keep improving and to keep working hard. I wish that, one day, I can talk with him. I would like to have a chance to speak with him to teach me and maybe I can ask him some things to help me improve.”