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07th Jun 2024

MG3 Hybrid+ is the perfect balance of power and price

Joseph Loftus


Logo Partner

Paid partnership with MG.

The peace of mind of petrol with that new wave power of electric.

MG Motor UK have announced that their new MG3 Hybrid+ is here and best of all it’s the UK’s cheapest fully hybrid car.

But don’t be fooled, while it may be cheap, it seriously packs a punch with the Head of Product and Planning for MG Motor UK noting that it will certainly not be any less fun to drive.

The car comes fit with sharp pointed headlights and a ridged exterior adding a certain degree of muscle to the agile and athletic machine.

Going from the 0-62mph in just eight seconds, the motor’s interior has a big car feel with its full-sized centre console and an almost squared-off steering wheel.

The car also features soft touch seats making every drive a comfortable one.

Starting at just £18,495, the MG3 Hybrid+ represents a landmark in MG’s powertrain development as the first pure hybrid model to be launched.

It features MG Pilot, a rear parking camera with sensor, a 10.25″ touchscreen, Apple CarPlay™, and Android Auto™.

Another big selling point of the MG3 Hybrid+ is that the battery is charged by the internal combustion engine thus completely eliminating the stress to find a charger when you’re on the road.

The car comes fitted with an advanced hybrid system composted of a 1.5L internal combustion engine alongside a 100kW electric motor, providing the joy of electric driving with the benefit of seamlessly switching to petrol power too.

It really is the best of both worlds.

And if you’re keen on reducing your carbon footprint, the MG3 Hybrid+ releases zero tailpipe emissions in urban areas whilst in EV mode when you’re going below 30mph.

If the MG3 Hybrid+ sounds up your street then you can find your nearest showroom here or book a test-drive here.